Super Saigon uses fresh ingredients such premium cuts of imported Australian beef, chicken, fresh herbs and aromatic ingredients to ensure every dish is executed perfectly.  Using only HALAL Certified products and suppliers, Super Saigons focuses on being the first HALAL friendly Vietnamese restaurant in Kuala Lumpur.

A classic, hearty meal — the traditional ‘Phở’ also known as fresh rice noodles in a rich broth, accompanied with generous amount of herbs and beansprouts. Our special Phở soups are boiled more than 8 hours to create that fantastic flavour – available in beef, chicken, combination (beef & chicken) and vegetarian. A must-try on your visit to Super Saigon!


Fresh Rice Paper Roll (2 pcs)

Crispy Spring Roll (6 pcs)

Bun Cha

Broken Rice

Stir Fry Noodles

Bread lovers will be happy! Crunchy French baguette – Vietnamese style.  Banh Mi’s are made fresh during your order and are available with chicken cold-cuts, lemongrass chicken, pulled ox-tail and vegetarian options. Tip: you can enjoy the bread alone with butter or condensed milk, together with our famous Vietnamese coffee for that authentic Vietnamese café experience.

Banh Mi

Fried Rice


We brew our coffee using the traditional drip brewing process with a “phin” – the coffee filter unique to Vietnam. It’s an aluminum drip filter which is golden, beautifully designed and imported from Vietnam. Vietnamese coffee is popularly enjoyed with sweetened condensed milk in its coffee and served either hot or iced.